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Reading List Recommendations:



Harris, R. (2008) The Happiness Trap. Robinson 






useful links:

Set up in 2005, the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS) is dedicated to the advancement of functional contextual cognitive and behavioural science and practice so as to alleviate human suffering and advance human wellbeing.

Set up in 2006 it aims to promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion.

TED talk by Kirsten Neff about the importance of Compassion.

Richard Burnett is co-founder of the Mindfulness in Schools Project. With Chris Cullen and Chris O'Neill, Richard wrote the highly-acclaimed 9 week mindfulness course, .b (pronounced dot-b), designed to engage adolescents in the classroom. He is a teacher and Housemaster at Tonbridge School, the first school in the UK to put mindfulness on the curriculum, an event covered by press, TV and radio in early 2010.

George Lucas joins a panel of national experts moderated by Daniel Goleman that explores the value of social and emotional learning.

Jon Kabat-Zinn leads a session on Mindfulness at Google.

Russ Harris talking on Australian TV about the Act approach. 

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