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The work environment

There is increasing evidence that people work in a demanding, often stressful environment. Personal differences, other life demands and unhelpful ways of managing stress generally, contribute to how the individual manages stress and demands.


The skills required in work will depend on the nature of the person’s job and role. Skills can include decision making, effective communication, clear problem solving and focusing on the task in hand.


Other skills include being able to manage internal factors including uncomfortable thoughts and feelings or external factors such as noise. Other life events such as financial and relationship difficulties, loss and bereavement can also have a major impact on performance in the workplace.


Research shows that people who avoid what they are experiencing in terms of rigidity of thinking, habitual reactions and unhelpful emotions, have a lower sense of well-being. This adversely affects not only work performance but also quality of life. The development of psychological skills leads to increased flexibility in both behaviour and thinking, so that people are able to work to the peak of their ability and importantly, have a life which is more satisfying and meaningful.


Mindscape Psychology emphasises the normality of stress and pain in a person’s life. Stress occurs when there is a mismatch between the demands of a situation and the person’s capacity (or belief in their capacity) to deal with it. Since many people spend  40 hours plus a week in the workplace, this is naturally going to be the place where a great deal of stress can occur.


Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the employer has a duty of care towards employees, which includes managing stress at work. Resilience and other psychological skills, including Mindfulness are increasingly being recognised as important contributors to an individual’s levels of performance, well-being, satisfaction and motivation.    


What we can offer

Mindscape Psychology offers a range of flexible training packages and workshops for employers and employees. The work is based on an integration of evidence based approaches which can be applied across all organisational situations.


The aim is to be more flexible, more accepting (not resigned) to how things are and what needs to change. Being mindful and aware of internal experiences increases clarity of mind and provides a space to identify what can and cannot be changed.


A range of inspiring and innovative training/skills courses are being offered, flexibly designed to match the needs of various groups and organisations. Whatever the length of the course, the content will include an understanding of mindfulness, acceptance, commitment and compassion.



  • Increased ability to meet the demands of work and thereby increase own performance and output and improve performance generally, outside of the work environment.

  • Increased sense of self efficacy and respect for self and others; compassionate attitude to others and self

  • Increased resilience and increased psychological flexibility which has benefits on other areas of the person’s life


 Bespoke training packages

  • Managing change

  • Developing emotional resilience

  • Health and wellbeing programmes

  • Understanding mental health

  • Understanding stress

  • Managing depression/anxiety

  • Working with sleep difficulties

  • Understanding risk

  • Trauma counselling

  • Mindfulness Awareness Half Day Programme

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