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Mindfulnesss Based Approaches

Mindscape offers a variety of training packages for health professionals who wish to use mindfulness based approaches in their work and to understand how these approaches might be helpful in their own lives.


Mindfulness Approches include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – ACT. ACT is an empirically based psychological intervention that uses acceptance, mindfulness, compassion and change strategies for increasing psychological flexibility. The principle aim of ACT is to live a full and meaningful life rather than pursue happiness as a goal. This approach is different from typical attempts to pursue happiness which are mostly aimed at trying to control events, thoughts and feelings.There is research which shows that painful events and thinking about painful events occupy different parts of the brain. Misery comes not from difficult life events but how we think about those events.


Evidence-based benefits of ACT:

  • New ways of managing stress, anxiety, fear and depression

  • Discovering what really matters in the life

  • Uncovering what gets in the way of having a life that is satisfying and happy

  • A way of accepting rather avoiding the difficulties and challenges in life 

  • Learning to unhook from unhelpful, self-critical thoughts, memories and feelings

  • Ways of managing distressing thoughts and feelings more skilfully and effectively

  • Learning to live in the present moment rather than dwelling in the past or imagining scary futures



Mindscape offers:


A 2 Day Introduction to ACT

  • Learn how to achieve greater psychological flexibility for yourself and the clients you work with. This introduction is for health professionals, including psychologists, therapists, mental health and general health professionals. The training will provide individuals with information about the 6 core processes of the model, which are: acceptance, defusion, self as context, commitment, values and mindfulness. The course will be taught both didactically and experientially.

  • The aim of this training is to equip participants both experientially and theoretically with the relevant skills to start using these principles and concepts in their pesonal and working life, or for those who are already aware of the model to refresh and consolidate their skills further. 

1 Day Advanced ACT Training

The workshop will cover more specifically how to help clients understand:

  • The role of human suffering and language

  • Why control strategies are the problem and not the solution to managing emotional distress

  • How they can live a fulfilling and meaningful life with emotional and physical pain

  • Helping 'stuck' clients 


We also offer themed ACT workshops, including using ACT for sleep difficulties, focusing on values and commitment, working with anxiety and working with low mood. Please see events for forthcoming workshops. We can offer workshops with a theme for whole departments.


Please complete the registration form for current courses or contact Katy for more information.

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