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We are committed to working together for the development of services and training for individuals, organisations and health professionals.


This collaboration has emerged out of years of experience and awareness of the struggle that human beings experience in managing their minds and emotions.


Moreover, what really motivates us to do this work together is the experience of our own personal struggles and the knowledge, through practice, persistence and compassion that there is a more liberating way of managing the experiences that inevitably arise if we are to have a life, well-lived.

Dr Katy Roe
BSc DClin Chartered clinical psychologist
Director of Mindscape Psychology

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the NHS for fifteen years and I have had my own private practice for eight years carrying out clinical work, teaching and supervision. After qualifying from Liverpool University with a Doctorate in 2006, I have worked in Adult Mental Health in a community setting. My areas of interest include ...


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