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Pauline Johnson


I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and have recently left the NHS where I worked for over twenty years with people with longstanding psychological difficulties.


In 2007 I went on a two-day 'Introduction to Mindfulness' course which awakened my interest in how mindfulness approaches could help people who had struggled with their difficulties for many years. The Mindfulness practices I learned also complemented the meditation practice I have had for thirty years.


Since 2007, I have seen how mindfulness-based approaches, which include Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Compassionate Focussed Therapies, have developed. There is a considerable body of evidence indicating the effectiveness of these approaches, not only for people with particular difficulties but for everyone. It was therefore an easy move to introduce mindfulness and acceptance to the clients and staff I was working with.


Over the past ten years I have been fascinated and excited by the increasing body of evidence about the effects of mindfulness-based approaches on the brain and how this can contribute to an increase in the quality of our lives and well-being. This evidence is a great motivator for me.

I have facilitated mindfulness and acceptance-based groups since 2007.


Now that I have retired from the NHS, I am enthusiastic about continuing this work with the public, in the workplace and in training for mental health professionals.


My other recent interests include the adverse effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices/factors on mental health, and how mental health can be significantly improved by positively addressing these issues. These choices/factors include diet, sleep, exercise, and absence of social contact and meaningful activity.


I have completed the University of Bangor’s Mindfulness Teacher Training Programme and continue to maintain my professional development through supervision and attending Mindfulness Based courses and workshops. I also attend regular retreats where study, meditation and awareness during practical activities helps the work to stay fresh and alive.




Trading as Mindfulness, Acceptance and Change

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