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Supporting individuals and organisations to achieve wellbeing and resilience




promotes and utilises the latest scientific research and understanding from psychological approaches that focus on the principles of acceptance, mindfulness and compassion. These skills are integral for our wellbeing. So whether you are an individual looking to make changes to your life or an organisation that recognises the need for some training to promote resilience and well being, Mindscape Psychology can offer you the solution you need.

Mindscape is an innovative organisation offering:

  • A range of  assessments and therapies for people with mental health difficulties - individual and group

  • Mindfulness and Acceptance-based courses and workshops for the public and professionals

  • Flexible training and programmes for organisations and employees using latest research

  • Supervision and consultation

What we offer

Mindscape psychology Ltd offers assessment and therapy for children, adolescents and adults and for organisations supervision, consultation and training.  


The main approach is based upon the theory and practice of mindfulness, acceptance and behavioural change called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the practice of self compassion, based on Compassion Focused Therapy. 


All of the work provided by Mindscape Psychology Ltd is based on an integration of evidence-based approaches designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing and can be tailored to the needs of the indiviudal or oraganisation. 


About us

Dr Katy Roe is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the NHS for fifteen years and had her own private practice for eight years, carrying out clinical work, teaching, training, consultation and supervision.

Katy works with several associates to provide training, supervision and consultation for Mindscape.

These include:
Clinical Psychologist
Occupational Psychologist

Social Worker
Life Coach

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Dr Katy Roe
BSc DClin Chartered clinical psychologist
Director of Mindscape Psychology

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For support by telephone you can contact The Samaritans free at any time on 116 123.

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